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Suforaphane – which gives broccoli its bitter taste – could help treat autism, a study foundBroccoli could hold the key porn escort to treating autism, research suggests.The chemical that gives broccoli its distinctive bitter taste made teenagers and young men with autism calmer and more sociable, a study found.‘Remarkable’ improvements were seen in as little as four weeks and by the end girl sex video of the study, some of those given a capsule a day felt able to look the researchers in the eye and shake their hand.The finding suggests it may be possible to create a pill that gets to the root of autism for the first time.Existing drugs simply control symptoms such as aggression, hyperactivity or sleep problems, but do not address the underlying cause of the condition.  Researcher Dr Paul Talalay, a professor of pharmacology in the US who has spent the last 25 years researching nature’s medicine cabinet, said: ‘It was a small study but the effects were very, very large.‘We believe that this may be preliminary evidence for the first treatment for autism that improves symptoms by apparently correcting some underlying cellular mechanisms.’British experts described the research as ‘intriguing’ but said it is simply too early to say if broccoli is beneficial in autism.The research, from the respected MassGen Hospital for Children and Johns Hopkins University, both in Boston, comes amid concern about rising rates of autism.More than one in 100 British children has autism or a related condition such as Aspergers Syndrome – a 10-fold increase on 30 years ago.
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Symptoms vary from child to child but they usually revolve around difficulty with social interaction, difficulty with communication and a need for routine and repetitive behaviour.The excitement surrounds sulforaphane, a chemical made when we eat broccoli. Rocket, Brussels sprouts and cabbage are other good sources and it is already studied for its promise in treating cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.Some 44 males with moderate to severe autism and aged between 13 and 27 were given either a sulforaphane capsule a day or a dummy pill for 18 months.They also underwent three different behavioural assessments.The results of these showed that sulforaphane helped most of the volunteers – and in most cases, behaviour had improved in as little as four weeks.
Rocket, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage are all good sources of sulforaphane, which helped children and young men with autism become calmer and more sociable, sometimes after just four weeksBy the end of the study, the men and boys were on average less irritable. They had more energy, were more motivated, found it easier to communicate with others and were less likely to repeat the same mannerisms over and over.The changes were big enough to be noticeable – with the researchers and parents able to tell which had been given the broccoli chemical from their behaviour, despite the fact this was meant to be a secret until the end of the experiment.The study’s authors were particularly excited about how much the men improved on tests of ‘social responsiveness’ – the ability to communicate with others.Researcher Dr Andrew Zimmerman said: ‘The results seen on the social responsiveness scale were particularly remarkable.
People with autism tend to have abnormalities in their cells, which suforaphane can help repair (file picture)‘I’ve been told this is the first time that any statistical improvement on the social responsiveness scale has been seen for a drug in autism spectrum disorder.’Dr Talalay, whose daughter Rachel is a Dr Who director, said the capsules were ‘totally safe’.Two of those taking them suffered fits – but this may have been a symptom of their autism, rather than a side-effect of the sulforaphane.Those treated also put on weight – but this may have been because they felt better in themselves, the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports.Dr Talalay said that people with autism tend to have various abnormalities in their cells – including inflammation and DNA damage.And it is thought that sulforaphane repairs the damage and protects against further problems.However, the capsules didn’t help everyone – they only worked in about two-thirds of cases.And effects in behaviour weren’t permanent – they began to wear off after the treatment was stopped.The researchers, who have patented their discovery, now want to study larger, more diverse groups of people, including children.Unfortunately, they can’t say how much broccoli the average person would have to eat to benefit.This is because the chemistry of sulforaphane is complex. In broccoli, and other vegetables, it is found in an inactive form called glucoraphanin. This turns into sulforaphane when broccoli is cut up, chewed or eaten.However, some types of broccoli contain much more glucoraphanin than others. And some people’s bodies are much better at turning it into sulforaphane than others.The team are trying to create a capsule that takes all of this into account.But Dr Rosa Hoekstra, of the The Open University, said: ‘Although the findings of this study are intriguing, it is much too early to draw any firm conclusions about the possible benefits of broccoli for people with autism.‘It is impossible to draw firm and generalizable conclusions based on such a small and selected group of participants.‘Therefore, as things stand, parents of a child with autism should not feel guilty if their child refuses to eat broccoli.’ 

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Alexander Gerst really has his head above the clouds.The German astronaut and geophysicist is currently aboard the International Space Station where he escort bayan often takes pictures of the Earth as it whizzes by hundreds of miles below.Mr Gerst particularly likes photographing dramatic shadows vip eskort cast by cloud formations, as this series of stunning photographs shows. Earlier this week Mr Gerst turned his camera on himself escort and took an enviable selfie while he was out fixing a pump during the first U.S. spacewalk since April. Scroll down bayan escort for video 
Looking down on creation: Astronaut Alexander Gerst captures swirling cloud formations from the International Space Station
When day and night meet: In this image, the night sky is in perfect contrast to the daylight which appears to glow as they meet
Selfie star: Earlier this week Mr Gerst took a break from fixing a pump on the space station to take an enviable picture of himself
Mr Gerst, who is also a geophysicist and volcanologist, tests his space suit before venturing out to fix the pump
 On cloud 9: Mr Gerst likes spending his down time photographing dramatic cloud formations, like this scene above
Fish eye time lapse from the International Space Station
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Black band: The night sky forms a tight ribbon around the clouds which blanket the sky, but also dot the horizon in small clusters
Frosty image: The clouds appear like hardened frost on the windscreen of the sky, in this arty photograph 
White wash: The clouds look like ocean spray in this image, left, and seem to coat the earth like a snowy blanket, right
Eye spy: A small country is visible through a keyhole in the cloudy sky which appears like a white moss growing across the skyline 
Hidden peaks: The snowy peaks of a mountain range jut out of the top of a thick cluster of clouds 
Pretty patterns: These gaps in the clouds look like a fishes gills and act as louvres offering a peak down at the earth below
Cupcake in the clouds: A cluster of clouds stands out like a little button amongst a thick blanket which almost covers the sky   

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Fears surrounding the spread of Ebola have led to a string of false alarms by people fearing they have caught porn or been exposed to the killer disease. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) attempts to tackle the flood escort bayan of worried Americans – with more than 800 Ebola false alarms coming in each day – a flurry of incidents escort have seen Hazmat officers boarding planes.On the other side of the Atlantic, last night a Liverpool coach station found itself child porno at the centre of an Ebola scare after a female passenger arriving from London collapsed and vomited, with others on the bus seen sprinting from the scene.Scroll down for videos
Last night Liverpool coach station was at the centre of an Ebola scare after a female passenger arriving from London collapsed and vomited, with others on the bus seen sprinting from the scene.Medical staff boarded the coach in protective gear and removed the elderly woman, who is from Africa, wearing a protective garment and face mask. The woman was taken to Royal Liverpool Hospital where doctors confirmed she did not have the disease. It is understood she was feeling feverish and also had stroke symptoms.Witnesses described panic as the coach arrived at around 9.30pm with ambulance and police waiting.
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An onlooker said: There were loads of people on the coach and people were running and panicking when they got off. The ambulance service and police were there to meet it so I think the driver must have telephoned ahead. It was coming in from London.People wearing protective clothing got on to the coach and after a time brought the woman off. They put her in some sort of protective garment and a mask. It looked like a full alert.
Another scare saw a Hazmat team rush on to a plane from Philadelphia in the Dominican Republic after a man sneezed and yelled: I have Ebola!National Express confirmed the station was closed for half an hour as a precautionary measure.Another scare involved a Hazmat team rush on to a plane from Philadelphia in the Dominican Republic after a man sneezed and yelled: I have Ebola!The American passenger, who does not have Ebola, was detained by four officers and taken to the airports medical center in Punta Cana as he declared: I aint from Africa.The remaining 255 people were forced to stay on board for two hours until he was cleared, despite airline staff insisting they believed it was a poor-taste joke. The man had reportedly been sneezing and coughing through the four-hour US Airways flight – an early sign of the often fatal disease.A video taken by one of the passengers in the middle of the Boeing 777 shows passengers standing up ready to leave before a flight attendant on a speakerphone tells everyone to sit down. New York Post.The man had recently traveled from Nigeria and was suffering from diarrhea and vomiting, but was apparently given the okay. 
Sergeant Michael Monnig tested negative for Ebola after spending 24 hours under observationIn Washington, DC, Ebola was ruled out as a potential cause of illness in a man at Howard University Hospital just days after Mr Duncans diagnosis.Around the same time, at nearby George Washington University, a patient was found to have the flu and not Ebola, as was initially feared. On Wednesday, an American Airlines flight landed at Midland airport in Texas and passengers filed out wearing masks after a passenger exhibited one symptom of the Ebola virus on a flight from Dallas. She too, experts ruled, is Ebola-free. Sergeant Michael Monnig, a Dallas County sheriff, tested negative for Ebola after spending 24 hours under observation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.He had entered the Dallas apartment where Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan stayed before he was admitted to the hospital. He had no protective clothing and spent about 30 minutes inside.One week later, he showed up at an urgent care clinic in Frisco, Texas, and complained of stomach pains – which are among the common symptoms of the early stages of Ebola.Mr Monnig’s condition is good with no fever, no vomiting, no diarrhea reported. His current condition is NOT consistent with an early stage Ebola diagnosis, the hospital said. Public health officials have said from the beginning that Sgt Monnigs chances of contracting the disease during his short time in the apartment were next to nothing.The risk is extremely low because this individual didnt have contact with the Ebola patient, but we want to err on the side of caution, Texas health commissioner Dr David Lakey said.We understand theres a lot of anxiety in the community, and we hope getting test results back will help calm those fears.     
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Dieters have long sworn that grapefruit helps them lose weight.Now, scientists are beginning to believe them.A study has found that porno drinking grapefruit juice when eating fatty food lowers the amount of weight put on by up to a fifth. porno
Researchers discovered that drinking grapefruit juice with fatty meals was highly beneficial The research also suggested that grapefruit could be as good as prescription drugs at keeping blood sugar levels under control – a key part of managing diabetes.The experiments were conducted on mice – but researchers say the results justify studies on humans. 
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Professor Joseph Napoli, of the University of California, Berkeley, said: ‘We see all sorts of scams about nutrition. But these results, based on controlled experiments, warrant further study of the potential health-promoting properties of grapefruit juice.’
The Grapefruit Diet, also called the Hollywood Diet, dates back to the 1930s and has a host of celebrity fans including singer Kylie Minogue. It involves having grapefruit or grapefruit juice with every meal while cutting back on calories.The researchers found that when the mice were fed fatty food for three months, those given grapefruit juice to drink gained up to 18 per cent less weight than those given water.They also had lower blood sugar and insulin levels – despite eating the same number of calories and doing the same amount of exercise as the mice who drank water. In fact, grapefruit juice was as good at controlling insulin as the widely used diabetes drug metformin, the journal PLOS ONE reports.However, the fruit juice only had an effect on weight when the animals ate fatty food.The researchers said they did not know how grapefruit stops the pounds from piling on.The British Dietetic Association said the fruit now needs to be thoroughly tested in humans to see if it could help with weight loss and stem the rise of obesity and diabetes.Spokesman Mariette Abrahams, a dietician, said until then it is too early for people to try grapefruit diets. ‘Grapefruit should be part of a healthy balanced diet, but it shouldn’t be the focus of the diet,’ she said.
Howcasts guide to getting more fruit and veg into your diet…
Singer Kylie Minogue, pictured, is a well known fan of the so-called Hollywood Diet which involves grapefruit 

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Dog walkers, runners and cyclists are being offered up to £200 off their water bill if they keep on the escort lookout for pollution.Northumbrian Water is looking out for volunteers who regularly visit certain waterways in the North East that are escort bayan known to be hot spots for sewage contamination.The so-called water rangers would agree to check the water once a fortnight bayan escort or every week.
On the look out: Northumbrian Water is calling on walkers eskort to help monitor waterways in exchange for a discount on their billsIn exchange they could receive up to £200 off their annual bills. Water rangers who go above and beyond will also receive on the spot rewards and all volunteers will be invited along to an end of year celebration meal to say thank you.Northumbrian Water has picked 32 public access routes next to rivers, streams and bathing water. Rangers would report back to the firm on the water condition after the walk and raise the alarm if anything looks amiss so any pollution could be dealt with quickly. 
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A spokesperson said the ranger scheme is not replacing any jobs, but is intended to boost the firms water monitoring.The firm added that since it covers an area of 9,422 square kilometres, it is difficult to visit all the time.
Keen angler Den Lilley, 71, from Newton Hall, Durham, has already signed up and will patrol a section of the Wear near the city centre.He said: I thoroughly enjoy birdwatching and fishing so its great to be able to give something back to help look after the environment which gives me so much pleasure.I am also chairman of Durham City Angling Club and having clean water in the River Wear is vital for our fishermen to be able to enjoy their sport and also to the club to ensure we maintain and attract new members.The water rangers scheme reflects the effort that Northumbrian Water is putting into being able to react and deal with pollution quickly. I think it is very admirable.Northumbrian Water wastewater director Richard Warneford said: We monitor our sewer network very closely by using technology and manual inspections and we are continually maintaining and upgrading the network.Northumbrian Waters supply area is vast – we cover a geographical area of 9,422 square kilometres and we monitor and look after thousands of assets, including more than 29,500 kilometres of sewer pipe.Pollution from our assets is something we are taking very seriously and working very hard to tackle.The Water Rangers scheme will provide us with further information and knowledge to help us do this.
Tow path watch: Cyclists and walkers could save money by keeping an eye out for pollution while out along waterways  

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Apple faces paying out billions of pounds after ‘sweetheart deals’ with the Irish Government allowed it to dodge taxes for more than two decades.The technology giant agreed to protect thousands of jobs in Cork in exchange for preferential tax treatment from the Irish revenue, the European Commission alleged yesterday.The deals had ‘no scientific basis’ and were so generous that the Commission yesterday said they amounted to illegal ‘state aid’, it added.
Apple tax: The US technology giant rakes in billions selling its high-end gadgets like the new iPhone 6 but funnels its sales through Ireland to minimise its UK tax bill.
Now Apple could be hit with huge penalties after an official probe was launched into its tax affairs. Amazon, Starbucks and Fiat are also under investigation as part of a new Europe-wide crackdown on international tax dodging by large firms.Many large technology companies such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft are based in Ireland because of its low tax rate. 
We will launch tax crackdown on businesses that exploit loopholes, promises Labour
Apples new mobile payments system set to earn tech giant a slice of the card fees market – but will Google just steal its thunder?
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MPs have branded companies that funnel money into tax shelters as ‘immoral’ because they deprive governments of money to run public services.David Cameron said it was ‘about time’ that Ireland’s tax affairs were ‘cracked down on’.Speaking on ITV, the Prime Minister said: ‘The problem with the low rate of corporation tax in the Republic (of) Ireland, is actually that it wasn’t that it was just a low rate, it was that businesses weren’t even paying that rate.’Apple last year paid just £11.4million in British corporation tax, despite record sales of £10.5billion.The US technology giant rakes in billions selling its high-end gadgets but funnels its sales through Ireland to minimise its UK tax bill.The report by the European Commission yesterday focused on two deals that date back to the 1990s.Minutes of a 1990 meeting between Apple and the Irish revenue state that an Apple tax advisor ‘confessed there was no scientific basis’ for some of the company’s figures.The resulting deal was ‘reverse engineered’ to help Apple avoid paying full dues.The minutes also reveal that Apple’s tax representative ‘mentioned by way of background information that Apple was now the largest employer in the Cork area with 1,000 direct employees and 500 persons engaged on a sub-contract basis’.
New launches: Last month Apple launched its new iPhone 6 as well as announcing the long awaited future debut for its iWatch product
He added ‘that the company is at present reviewing its worldwide operations and wishes to establish a profit margin on its Irish operations’.In the years following the meeting two of Apple’s Irish businesses reported low profits – allowing it to avoid tens of billions in tax.If it is proven that this amounted to ‘state aid’, Apple could be forced to pay back all the money owed.The report concluded: ‘The Commission’s preliminary view is that the tax ruling of 1990 (effectively agreed in 1991) and of 2007 in favour of the Apple group constitute state aid.’The Commission has also demanded all documents showing Apple’s relationship to its Irish companies dating back to 1989.Tax accountant Richard Murphy said: ‘The way in which Apple was taxed has nothing to do with its profits or any other accounting standard known to mankind. It simply negotiated a payment.’He added: ‘There were a lot of deals with the Irish Government that the European Commission needs to look at, it needs to look at Microsoft, then at Yahoo, and Google must also be in the picture.’Legal experts said the findings made ‘extremely uncomfortable reading’ for Apple.Heather Self, a partner at law firm Pinsent Masons, said: ‘Any company that has struck a favourable tax agreement with local authorities in the past would be well advised to consider how their own past arrangements would measure up against the views set out in these letters.’Margaret Hodge, Labour MP and chair of the Commons’ Public Accounts Committee, said: ‘This vindicates our confidence that these global companies are breaking the rules with their interpretation of the tax laws.‘The time has passed where international companies can use tax avoidance as another way to make profit.‘The Commission’s report will damage Apple’s reputation and they should not be complacent about their responsibilities.‘The old culture 25 years ago of not paying taxation in different countries [in which you operate] is fast becoming a thing of the past. Apple needs to understand that.’In an attack on the Irish government’s ‘sweetheart deal’ with Apple, she added: ‘You cannot ask hard-working families to pay their taxes via PAYE and then let off the global corporations. It is a short-term palliative measure but a long-term disaster.’Irish Government sources said that Apple may not have to pay back the money even if found guilty, because Irish tax officials have already ruled that the agreements were not illegal.A spokesman for Apple said: ‘Our success in Europe and around the world is the result of hard work and innovation by our employees, not any special arrangements with the government.‘Apple has received no selective treatment from Irish officials over the years. We’re subject to the same tax laws as the countless other companies who do business in Ireland.’Ireland’s Department of Finance said in a statement earlier this week: ‘Ireland is confident that there is no breach of state aid rules in this case and has already issued a formal response to the Commission earlier this month, addressing in detail the concerns and some misunderstandings contained in the opening decision.’

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Selfies, relentless Facebook posts and an obsession with keeping up with the Kardashians may make the younger generation appear self-involved and narcissistic, but research suggests they are much more generous than first thought.A study of people born since 1982 found that the so-called Generation Y is increasingly socially aware, and willing to give to good causes.More than two thirds of those questioned said they would give away up to 50 per cent of their revenue, if they had their own business.
The researchers from Oxford Said Business School surveyed 2,000 professionals born since 1982. They found that 66% of so-called Generation Y are willing to donate half their income to good causes, and many said they would donate to tackle poverty and unemployment. Stock image pictured GENEROSITY ACROSS THE UK  Scots are more likely to tip for services than anyone else in Britain – with those living in the North East named the most tight-fisted.Waiters, taxi drivers, hairdressers and others can rely on a bit extra from customers north of the border but may go empty handed in other areas of the country, a survey revealed.Only 13 per cent of Scots say they never tip – the lowest proportion of any region and less than half the stingy 35 per cent of Geordies who refuse to leave a gratuity.The North East is the worst area for workers to get a bit extra from customers, said the survey of 2,000 adults by financial advice service Thinkmoney.  And the two key areas of concern were tackling poverty and helping the environment.The study was commissioned for the London launch of a global competition called The Venture, which is giving away a million dollars to the best social enterprise start-ups.The researchers surveyed 2,000 professionals aged between 18 and 32.It formed part of a wider report by Oxford’s Said Business School, which found young entrepreneurs want to solve problems, mainly in their own communities.Many said they were frustrated by a lack of political solutions to problems like poverty, youth unemployment and the environment so wanted to do something about it themselves.Almost one in ten of the participants also said they have previously given up potentially lucrative professions to start such a business.The trend has been encouraged by young entrepreneurs, such as Facebook’s 30-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, who last year donated almost a $1 billion (£617 million) to charitable causes last year. 
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This has led to the ‘rise of social entrepreneurship, the idea that economic incentives and positive social change can – and should – go hand in hand,’ Soushiant Zanganehpour from the Said Business School said.‘Over the past two decades in particular, the phenomenon has gained significant traction, and in some cases is on the verge of mainstreaming into general business.’ 
Almost one in ten of the participants also said they have previously given up potentially lucrative professions to start businesses. The trend has been encouraged by young entrepreneurs, such as Facebook’s 30-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, who last year donated almost a $1 billion (£617 million) to charitable causes last yearThese are businesses which are driven by a good cause, like Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant brand which provides training for disadvantaged young people.And around half of these have been created in the past 12 months, and are becoming onee of the economy’s biggest booming sectors.The Venture will see a UK winner crowned in February who will then go into the global final in Silicon Valley, next June.